band saw review [Top 13 features really need]

As a long-term thesis and experience on band saw I have seen what problem arise to consider best band saw. Whatever you are woodworker, metal worker or plumber what bandsaw do you need that’s the most important things.Yes, here you will able to know best band saw review [Top 13 features that really need]

Hope you are thinking how you will get the maximum band saw review, band saw review answers, best band saw review, band saw reviews fine woodworking or band saw reviews woodworking. I think you are in right position. In this article, I will discuss this so that who are facing the problem or unable to come to take in the decision.

Let me start—

I think every band saw user need to know the below features before buying his most important best band saw.

2.Controlling variable speed
3.The system of blade tension adjustment
4.Blade guide
5.Bevel capacity
7.Aluminum or cast iron wheel
10.LED working light
12.Dust port

I think above 13 features that actually need for all band saw user consider any band saw.


If you are searching band saw review answer or best band saw the review you will see the power issue will come first. Because power is the most important features of any band saw. Every band saw has the electric motor it’s as usual but which motor is convenience for which project that’s important. If you buy 1 horsepower motor band saw then you never able to cut metal as its power is less. You will able to cut wood or any small parts by this band saw.
On the other hand, if you buy 1.5 horse powers to 2 horsepower then you will able to cut any metal items with very easy. So the decision will depend up to what type of materials you are going to cut.
Here my recommendation to buy the more powerful band saw like 1.5 horse powers to 2 horsepower as it will be very helpful for either cutting wood or metal.
If you think you need more consideration then you can call any experienced who can help you for better selection.

Controlling variable speed

If you are the woodworker, metal worker or plumber hope you know about the speed most of the band saw. But my question is those who are the newbie how they will consider the speed of their band saw. Don’t worry, maximum band saw comes in the market with two variable speed based on the user needs as well as the FPM of the blade.
a. Slower speed
b.Faster speed

Slower speed: When need to cut any design or circle accurately that case need to use the band saw at slower speed otherwise the user will unable to cut this perfectly.

Faster speed: This type of speed can consider at the time of not considering the cutting accuracy.
So, this is important up to you what type of material you have plans to cut. Considering this you can adjust the power as slower or faster.

The system of blade tension adjustment

Blade is the most important parts of any band saw. But the performance of cutting of the band saw depends on the proper adjustment of the blade. If are the experienced hope you must know how to adjust the blade. Am I right or wrong? But those who are newbie they should know how to adjust the blade first otherwise the total project will fail and he will unable to earn money from this band saw. Problem is that if you set up the blade in loose tension then it will not able to cut the materials properly on the other hand if you set up your band saw blade in high tension then definitely it will break and wear out sooner. Basically, the blade adjustment indicator is the most probably a simple system which is maximum time allow you to adjust the blade tension without it. In the market a lot of no band saw comes with this system. It’s really tough to find out one of the best. Also, some of the systems are inaccurate so it can be useless.

What’s the solution?

Hope you are thinking how the solve the problem Don’t worry always keep in mind the band saw with or without blade tension adjustment always you should study the user manual first. According to the manual instruction, you should go to the set up your blade properly. If the indicator has then you need to adjust your blade in average tension. In a word, the finest tension must be adjusted by the user manual.

Blade guide

Blade guide is very important for every band saw. Because it can suggest the name as well as keep the blade straight and eliminate the danger of the blade for moving left or right. Every band saw usually has the two blade guide.

1.Top of the blade
2.Bottom of the blade

Maximum blade guide made by the ceramics or the sealed bearings. However, both are the great version and can make the band saw as a much better. So, every user not to take this as a generalized they should give the proper attention of this for risk-free accurate cutting. 

Bevel capacity

Bevel capacity is must nowadays for the band saw which has the table. It’s very important for the accurate cutting of any materials. Also, this system can bevel or tilt for the band saw in one side. The best models have the bevel or tilting capacity in 45 degree where some of the band saw has only 10 degrees. Here most of the model bevels system only for the right side.
Every user should keep in mind the advantage of the bevel as it always allowed cutting most complicated cuts. Especially those who are experienced they always look for the band saw with this important feature.


Hope most of the user needs even believe the necessity of band saw the frame like me. There are three materials that can be used for making the frame that’s are-

2.Die-cast and
3.Cast iron

But most of the case I strongly believe the cast iron frame is the best as it’s simply made and the user will get the advantages what’s they need.

The reason why consider the best frame?

The frame is the parts of the band saw as all others materials need to set up on this. Cast iron is simply the best because it’s very heavy and strong. There is no doubt the heavy band saw is most stable to accurate cut of any materials. So, always consider cast iron frame before buying any band saw.

Aluminum or cast iron wheel

In the market, you will get two wheels for the band saw-

2.Cast iron

Basically, aluminum wheels used for the cheap band saw as its performance are not as good as the maximum time. On the other hand, the cast iron wheel is heavier than all others wheel so it can help to cut any materials by transferring the cutting capabilities. Here the blade can cut with its best performance.


A next feature is a weight but it’s not the main considering aspect if you don’t use the portable band saw. It’s depending on the use of the band saw. If you need to move the band saw for your work then must be buying the portable band saw as this band saw is less weight than any bench top band saw. If you want to set up in the shop or garage then my suggestion is to buy the heavyweight band saw otherwise you will face the vibration problem. In fact, less weight band saw is not stable that’s why at the time of cutting vibration comes.


Hope the user is thinking how is the band saw accurate at the time of using!! Here the miter gauge is important as it is presented all the measurement in cm or inch. It’s the Common Era to cut every design whatever easy or hard must be inaccurate. But some of the models' measurement has in the only inch, especially in the USA. I think they should be in practice as Europe.

LED working light

Now a day maximum band saw has LED work light. It can help to cut accurate in darkness. So, maximum manufactures have taken this as a common part of their band saw.


Fence also uses for cutting accuracy. In the past model, most of the manufacturers used steel or iron that was very heavy to use. But now maximum manufacturers are using the aluminum. That’s great.

Dust port

Dust port is also the common features of any band saw. In today’s market, every user is very careful about their bandsaw to get the best benefit. Mostly dust port measurement from 2 ½ inches to 4 inches but the bigger one facility is most. Obviously, my recommendation is to use a bigger one to get better facilities.


The last feature is safety. Always give the topmost priority about this before buying any band saw. Every band saw is important for the cutting planet. It can cut many things but if we don’t give the importance of safety issues then the total project will be hampered. Some user technique must be followed at the time of use-

1.Must use the hands' gloves
2.Must use the dusk musk
3.Use the pushing stick

In addition, the user must think about the blade which is in front of him and it's moving all time so be careful to come near it.

Top ten best band saw in the Market

Let see the Top ten best band saw review and price idea to take the easy decision.


From the above discussion can easily say all features are important before buying any band saw. if you don’t have enough time to read this article no problem just you can check the price your desired band saw from the above top ten best bandsaws.

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