Bosch BSH180 18-Volt Band saw: 6 very important features that let you know

Bosch BSH180 18-Volt Band Saw is very lightweight and compact in size. Those who are feeling bothering for the heavyweight band saw they can use it. Only weight is 9.8 pounds. Can you imagine it!
Bosch BSH180 band saw can cut very common materials for mechanical, electric, plumbing up to 2-1/2 inch on a single pass. This band saw volt is 18V and measures 17 ½ inches in length, 14 inches width and 6 1/8 inches in height. It has a LED work light which can illuminate darkness at the time of working.
Bosch BSH180 band saw has the exact fit insert tray which helps you to stay organized. Also comparatively its 60% lighter and 40% compact than any other tools.
Though the battery and charger are selling separately but only for using easiness and compactness you can consider this band saw for your any new project.

Are you looking for the compact size band saw? No problem I am with you. Let come into this article to know elaborately for Bosch BSH180 18-Volt Band Saw.

Product specifications

Bosch BSH180 18-Volt Band saw
Bosch BSH180 18-Volt Band saw

6 very important feature that let you know about Bosch BSH180 18-Volt Band Saw for easy selection.

1) Compact size

If you want to buy the best band saw from today’s competitive market then definitely you will think the extra specialties which will very helpful for you. I am discussing the band saw size. Before buying the band saw you want to know the size of your band saw. What are you thinking? May you think how you can select your bandsaw as different sizes band saw has come in the market? Never mind you are in right place. BSH180 18-Volt Band Saw has come in the market with Best-in-class compact size up to 60-percent lighter than deep cut saws and up to 40-percent more compact. So my recommendation to buy this band saw for any small project.

2) LED work light

Maximum woodworker think how to cut more accurate but at the time of cutting they face the lacking of light. Considering the customer satisfaction Bosch has invented the excellent band saw which has LED work light. In fact, this band saw can remove the darkness by the LED work light. So, buy it now.

3) Cutting capacity

Who will buy the best band saw without excellent cutting capacity? I think cutting capacity is one of the best considering things for selecting any band saw. Bosch BSH180 has 2-1/2-inch by 2-1/2-inch cutting capacity which is very important for any carpenter or plumber.

4) User-friendly

It is the time to buy the best band saw with user-friendly. Who wants to buy the best band saw? But think how to use easily. Don’t worry Bosch BSH180 18-Volt Band Saw has come in the market which is Ideal for working in tight spaces or overhead cutting. So, every user should buy this band saw soonest as possible.

5) Electronic Cell Protection (ECP)

Protects the battery from overload, overheat and deep discharge.

6) What is in the Box?

BSH180 18V Compact Band Saw, (1) GBA18V63 CORE18V Lithium-ion 6.3 Ah Battery, (1) BC1880 18V Fast Charger, (1) Auxiliary Handle, (3) 18 TPI Band Saw Blades, (1) Carrying Bag

Bosch BSH180 18-Volt Band Saw warranty

Every band saw user must think about the warranty before buying his tools. Here, band saw user manual or band saw user guide can help you. From my point of view if you want to buy best value bandsaw or best cheap bandsaw then you need to know the warranty period of your product as it will help you to increase your satisfaction. Bosch BSH180 Band saw is giving 120 days money back guaranty for its user to buy this band saw.

How to set up?

Disconnect battery pack from tool before making any assembly, adjustments or changing accessories. Such preventive safety measures reduce the risk of starting the tool accidentally.


The blade dimensions required for this band saw is .020" thickness, 1/2" wide and 28-3/4" in length. The .020" thickness reduces blade fatigue and provides maximum tooth life. To maximum cutting life, use a blade with correct pitch (teeth per inch) for the specific cutting job.
The blade is available in several pitches. To select the proper blade, three factors should be considered: The size, shape, and type of material to be cut.
The following suggestions are for selecting the right blade for various cutting operations.

  1. Keep in mind that these are broad guidelines and that blade requirement varies depending upon specific size, shape, and type of material to be cut. 
  2. Generally, soft materials require a coarse pitch blade and hard materials require fine pitch blades. Use coarse pitch blades for thick wood and fine pitch blades for thin work.
  3. It is important to keep at least three teeth in the cut.

You can select your best blade from the below as per your requirement


  1. Use #2 Philips to remove mounting screws and remove protective cover plates (Fig. 2). 
  2. Turn tension lock handle located on the front of the saw 180° clockwise to release blade tension (Fig. 1). 
  3. Pull blade out of the guides and remove the blade from the pulleys (Fig. 3).
  1. Firmly press the blade between the guides and place the blade around the pulleys. Note: be sure teeth face out (Fig. 3). 
  2. Turn the tension lock handle 180° counterclockwise to secure the blade on the pulleys (Fig. 1).
  3. Re-install protective cover plates (Fig. 2).
  4. Be sure the blade lies freely within the guard channel before starting the saw.

Special offers for product promotions

6 Month Financing- For a limited time, purchase $149 or more using the Store Card and pay no interest if paid in full within 6 months. Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the promotional balance is not paid in full within 6 months. Minimum monthly payments required. Subject to credit approval.


  • Ideal for working in tight spaces or overhead.
  • Cuts most common materials for electrical, plumbing and mechanical cutting applications up to 2-1/2 In. on a single pass.
  • The rugged aluminum base is lightweight for easy portability and withstands tough job site conditions.
  • Great tool for cutting metal
  • The convenient small size works great
  • Easy to use.
  • Portable a band saw
  • The smooth action lightweight cutting tool with plenty of power


  • Hard to mount blades.
  • Design a bit awkward compared to some others whatever you have used.
  • Needs a little more clearance to allow up to 3 inch PVC cutting.
  • Can't store it properly in the case without first removing the handle.
  • Another customer complaint is that found difficulty to purchase the replacement blades. Those that customer ordered are too long, apparently for another portable band saw. He thought this was the only one Bosch made. As a result, sometimes the user may send back the 24, 14 and 10 teeth blades that they purchased. Here they don’t get the chance to speak with Bosch about this issue.


01. Question:
Does it come with the charger?
No charger or battery

02. Question:
Are batteries compatible with 18v bosch hammer drill and 18v impact?
Yes. The batteries fit all of the 18v Bosch tools.

03. Question:
Which models batteries 18v are compatible?
Any Bosch 18V Battery is compatible with BSH180B Band Saw, no matter the amp hour on the battery. For further assistance, contact us at 1-877-BOSCH99 (1-877-267-2499) from M-F 7a-7p CST.

04. Question:
Does this saw come with blades?

05. Question:
Is this tool made in Germany? If not, what is the country of origin?
No. The country is China.

06. Question:
Does this band saw have a variable speed trigger, or is it one speed (Off/On)?
Yes, the band saw has Variable speed trigger which is the perfect size.


From the above discussion we can say that if you are looking for best band saw, best bandsaw for resewing or best budget bandsaw which is very easy to carry, easy to use you will get the name only Bosch BSH180 18-Volt Band Saw.

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