DEWALT Bare-Tool DCS370B 18-Volt Cordless Band Saw

Again I am writing about another model of DEWALT as it is the leading manufacturer of industrial power tools and accessories including cordless and corded drills, generators, sanders, lasers, nailers, compressors, abrasives, planers, plate joiners, routers, hammers, grinders, screw driving accessories, saw and saw blade etc. In fact, wherever tools are sold DEWALT tools can be found prominently.
DEWALT Bare-Tool DCS370B 18-Volt Cordless Band Saw is heavy duty band saw and it has 2 ½ inch cut capacity that can cut up to 2-inch SCH 40 pipe. By the superior balance and ergonomics, it allows for more accurate cut and less user fatigue. It has integrated hang hook which allows the user to hang the saw without damaging the front handle or base. It also has blade tracking adjustment which increases the blade life by providing actual blade tracking. For the quick and easy blade changing it has a tool-less blade changing laver.

So if you think comparatively lightweight, cord hassle free and standard warranty period you can think DEWALT Bare-Tool DCS370B. Here you will get the band saw with only weight 7.75 pounds and cordless as well as electric which will be very helpful for your daily work.

However, everybody should know about his band saw for its better usability. Here the user can think he will get the idea about his tools. No problem, here I am discussing the details component of DEWALT Bare-Tool DCS370B 18-Volt Cordless Band Saw

Details components

DEWALT Bare-Tool DCS370B 18-Volt Cordless Band Saw

DEWALT Bare-Tool DCS370B 18-Volt Cordless Band Saw

A. Auxiliary handle
B. Lock-off button
C. Trigger switch
D. Main handle
E. Work stop
F. Guide rollers
G. Adjusting lock nut
H. Blade tension lever
I. Blade
J. Hang hook
K. Pulley
L. Blade guard
M. Rubber Tires
N. Tracking screws
O. Battery pack
P. Battery release buttons

Details specification

Part no:


Product weight:

8 pounds

Model number:


Power Source:

Cordless Electric


18 Volt

Product dimension:

12.2 x 15.4 X 8.7 inches

Including component:

Bare tool

Key details

Foot per minute: 

570 fpm

Blade length

32 7/8 inches

Maximum cutting capacity (Round):

2 ½ inches

Maximum cutting capacity (Square):

2 ½ inches

Tools weight:

7.75 pounds

However, from the above discussion hope the user will able to understand whether he needs the band saw or not. In fact, it will very easy to think based on his project either he needs this band saw or not. But my recommendation if you want to start any small project then you must buy this band for your home depot.

Let see some of the details features which will help you to take the decision for buying this band saw as well---

Cutting capacity

DEWALT Bare-Tool DCS370B 18-Volt Cordless Band Saw is one of the best heavy duty band saw which is cordless. Also, it has 2 ½ inches cutting capacity that allows us to cuts up to 2 inches SCH 40 pipe. This band saw has the superior balance and ergonomics that allow for accurate cuts and less user fatigue. In addition, where the extra capacity of the larger band saw is not generally needed then the user can cut like strut, all thread, EMT or conduit with very easily.

Here the user can think how he will get the better performance of cutting. Yes, cutting performance always depends on the better blade, accurate blade as well as blade selection.

Accurate blade

DEWALT Bare-Tool DCS370B 18-Volt Cordless Band Saw is set up for use with 0.02” (0.5 mm) thick and ½” (12.5 mm) wide and 32” (813 mm) long blades. Here the user should not use 0.025” (0.64 mm) blade.

Blade selection

Generally the blade selection depends on the size and shape of the materials of the work. Also here the considering things are the type of materials is going to cut by the user.
Remember the most efficient cutting the coarsest tooth blade possible should be used in given application. The cause is here the coarser the tooth the faster the cut.

However, the selecting the appropriate number of teeth per inch of this band saw blade at least two teeth should contact the work surface when the blade is rested against the work piece. Here the user can see the blade chart determining by the materials dimension of the work piece for the better blade selection.

Flexible usability

DEWALT Bare-Tool DCS370B 18-Volt Cordless Band Saw is very compact and lightweight for maximum portability on job site as the weight is less than 10 pounds and measurement is 15 inches in length. Not only that but it’s very ideal for any plumbers, sprinkler fitters, electrician and others professionals contractor who are tasks to the cutting conduit, thread rod, uni-strut and others metal materials. For any tight space or in a lift it’s one of the best band saw for flexible cutting.

Bare tool

DEWALT Bare-Tool DCS370B 18-Volt Cordless Band Saw is cordless tools and does not come with a battery or charger. It’s very compatible with Dewalt 18 volt XRP battery system which provides up to 40 percent more run time than standard Ni-Cad batteries.

Including things in the box

If you buy this band saw you will get the below things in the box-

  • DCS370B 18-Volt Cordless Band Saw
  • 14/18 blade
  • Blade tracking wrench
  • Operating instructions

For your information, you will not get the battery and charger as they sell this separately.

DEWALT band saw at a glance

  • Bare tools don’t come with the battery and charger.
  • Tool-less blade changing
  • Blade tracking adjustment increase blade life.
  • Dual bearing blade guide rollers for increased durability.
  • 2 ½ inch cutting capacity can cut up to 2-inch SCH 40 pipe.


DEWALT will repair, without charge, any defects due to faulty materials or workmanship for three years from the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover part failure due to normal wear or tool abuse. For further detail of warranty coverage and warranty repair information, visit or call 1-800-4-DEWALT (1-800-433-9258). This warranty does not apply to accessories or damage caused where repairs have been made or attempted by others. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights which vary in certain states or provinces.In addition, considering customer satisfaction of the warranty, DEWALT tools are covered by our:

DEWALT will maintain the tool and replace worn parts caused by normal use, for free, any time during the first year after purchase.

DC9071, DC9091, DC9096, DC9280, DC9360 and DC9180

If you are not completely satisfied with the performance of your DEWALT Power Tool, Laser, or Nailer for any reason, you can return it within 90 days from the date of purchase with a receipt for a full refund – no questions asked.


  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to carry
  • Excellent cutting capacity
  • Works great
  • One-handed usability
  • The portable band saw. Works great.
  • Cuts like butter.
  • Very lightweight
  • Best tools for the mechanical field
  • Great product for the electrician


DEWALT Bare-Tool DCS370B 18-Volt Cordless Band Saw is the one of the portable band saw. For its excellent usability, it has got customer review 4.6 out of 5 star which is 83%. Very few customers have given 3-star reviews. So, we can say this is the perfect band saw.
However, sometime some of the customers may face the problem with using 18 TPI blades as this blade can cut fast but dirty and get jumpy. In this situation, the user can use the 24 TPI blades for cutting pipe and strut.


1) Q: can this band saw be held in place or stationary work?
Ans: No, it’s for portable use only.

2) Q: Is the saw variable speed?
Ans: No, single speed.

3) Q: what kind of battery does it take?
Ans: It takes an 18 V battery.

4) Q: Does this band saw able to cut the small piece of wood for hand carving?
Ans: Yes, it can cut the small piece of wood for hand carving.

5) Q: How many factories Dewalt have?
Ans: More than 1000 factory-owned and authorized location. Dewalt has one of the most extensive service networks in North America.


From the above discussion we can come to a decision that DEWALT Bare-Tool DCS370B 18-Volt Cordless Band Saw is the best band saw in today’s competitive marketplace. This band saw got the reliable place in the customer's heart. So, don’t waste the time to buy this band saw. I strongly believe that it will make your life very easy as well as will bring the better success.

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