DEWALT DCS371B  Band Saw Reviews

DEWALT DCS371B Band Saw Reviews

DEWALT DCS371B 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Band Saw is one of the best power tool manufacturer companies in the world. From 1924 to 2018 DEWALT continues doing design and optimize the professional work solution for its tools, accessories, and service to ensure its customer about confidence for the toughest job site condition. Here you will see the details DEWALT DCS371B Band Saw Reviews.

DEWALT DCS371B Li-lon band saw is one of the best product of DEWALT. This is really a good product or good tool, very easy to use and durable. It also very well designed as well as the first service. The user can use the band saw to clean and accurate cuts. Those who are used to the big band saw the will feel very comfortable like this small bandsaw as it is very lightweight also its one is perfect for any linear steel up to 3-4 inch.

This band saw is also very silk and energy saving tool to start any new project. So if you either a newer or the experienced you can select this band saw in your upcoming or running project for your better success..

DEWALT DCS371B Li-lon band saw is the lightweight as 10.25 pounds and the product dimension is 12.2 X 15.4 X 8.7 inches. Basically, the color is yellow/black and 20 volts. It’s a bare tool and it has the superior balance and ergonomics and can cut up to 2-inch SCH 40 pipe. Designed with hook and blade tracking adjustment to increase handle, base and blade life.

Cutting capacity

Maximum band saw has the particular cutting capacity as the power. So the user needs to know about cutting capacity of the band saw which is going to select for his project.

DEWALT DCS371B has the cutting capacity 2 ½ inches and to 2-inch SCH 40 pipe. It can cut steel, copper, plastic, stainless steel pipe all precisely and all day with the 20 volts 5.omh batteries.

Though common application include conduit up to 2 inches dia, 1 5/8 inches uni strut, SCH 40 pipe up to 2 inches, thread rod, square and rectangular, tubing and angle iron it also have -----

  • Maximum cutting capacity for the round is -2 ½ inches.
  • Maximum cutting capacity for square is -2 ½ inches.
  • Blade length- 32 7/8 inches.
  • Cutting speed- 570 amp.

Not only that but the user will see the centered handle position which provides superior balance and ergonomics and allows for more accurate cuts and less user fatigue.

Blade tracking

Blade tracking adjustment is another important aspect of any band saw. DEWALT DCS371B has an excellent blade tracking system by which user can adjust the blade easily. Proper adjustment increases the blade life by providing better blade tracking. In addition, this band saw has tool-free blade changing lever loosens blade which allows for changing blade very easily. Also, the user will get dual bearing blade guide rollers here which increased the durability in the blade support system.
Also, DEWALT is giving some facilities along with this band saw as below—

  • 14/18 TPI blade
  • Blade tracking wrench

So considering above you can select this band saw for your project without any hesitation. 

Work light

Nobody feels better at the time of his important work if have shortness of light. It annoys them very hard. So considering the customer satisfaction DEWALT has made DCS371B band saw with LED work light. By this light, the user can work in the darkness. LED work light can illuminate the darkness within 20 seconds from the work surfaces and the user can cut very accurately.

Comfort using

DEWALT DCS371B Li-lon band saw has ergonomic soft grip back handle which provides comfort and flexibility to the user at the time of working. Also, this band saw has integrated hang hook which allows the user to hang the saw without damaging the front handle or base.


Warranty is the most important factor in selecting any band saw. The users get the mental satisfaction as well as product safety from here. Considering the customer satisfaction DEWALT is giving warranty like others power tools manufacturers. Especially, DEWALT DCS371B is giving 1-year free service, 3 years warranty and 90 days money back guarantee for its customer as one of the best market leading power tools seller.


  • Clean and accurate cutting
  • Very perfect for any linear steel up to 3-4 inches
  • More usable as it is cordless
  • plus
    Can cut emt and pvc with little effort
  • plus
    Lightweight and can take the pretty good beating. It’s a solid little band saw
  • plus
    Very easy and much faster to use than a tubing cutter or saw
  • plus
    Very much time and energy saving
  • plus
    Very slick tool. Can cut through uni-strut and rigid pipe very quickly and smoothly
  • plus
    Clean and square cutting on the conduit, rod, strut etc.
  • plus
    Work great, excellent and very handy tool for the home garage.
  • plus
    Really good tool, very well designed, durable and easy to use
  • plus
    Good battery life and real work hours. 


Blade guard

  • check
    Sometimes it does not rest against with the blade. The cut will noticeably crooked with the guard pressed against the strut.
  • check
    Motor stopped


if not cutting accurately or cutting crooked the following recommendation should be used. The result may vary for the operating of the operator and the particular material being cut….

  • Never twist the band saw blade during cutting operation.
  • Never use liquid coolants with the portable band saw. Use of coolants will cause build-up on tires and reduce performance.
  • If excessive vibration occurs during the cut ensure that the material being cut it is securely clamped down. If vibration continues to change the band saw blade.

If the motor is stopped then check it properly after off all the power then the user can contact the customer service for the proper solution.


1) Q: Is this band saw brushless?
Ans: No, but this band saw is great can cut clean and faster and easy.

2) Q: What blade TPI come with this band saw?
Ans: 14 and 18 TPI blade.

3) Q: Does anyone use flex volt batteries, how is the battery life with those?
Ans: Anyone uses flex volt 4 amp 20-volt battery. If last all day usually 2 days but sometimes all week depending on how much and what size pipe is cutting.

4) Q: Can this blade use to cut aluminum, steel or other metals?
Ans: yes, it can cut aluminum, steel or other metals.

5) Q: Does it come with the blade?
Ans: Yes, 1 blade is included.

6) Q: Can this band saw be used to cut wood and animal bones?
Ans: Yes it can cut.


Finally, say that DEWALT DCS371B Li-lon band saw is awesome because it has the little cons. From cutting conduit midair or on the bench or cutting an old cast iron pipe in place without cutting everything else near it loose. Though cut up 2-inch pipe is a dream but this band saw can cut it very smoothly for the copper pvc or EMT. So, considering all I am highly recommending to use this band saw for your project horribly. 

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