DEWALT DWM120K  Deep Cut Portable Band Saw Reviews

DEWALT DWM120K 10 Amp 5-Inch Deep Cut Portable Band Saw is one of the greatest portable band saw. This is the one number choice of the customer in this today’s market. Maximum construction workers, woodworkers, electrician choice this band saw as it is very easy to carry with them. However let see the details DEWALT DWM120K Deep Cut Portable Band Saw Reviews 

DEWALT DWM120K Deep Cut Portable Band Saw Reviews

This is the versatile band saw where the user can cut wood, plastic or metal very quickly and easily. If you are the hobbyist or a professional this is one of the best machines for you and your project undoubtedly.

Product description

DWM120K 10 Amp 5-Inch Deep Cut Portable Band Saw is only 15 pounds weight. Its dimension is 14 X 23.5 X 7.9 inches. This is the deep cut, portable band saw it has 10 amp motor handle tough application.

Variable speed controller with powerful Motor

This band saw has protected type series commutate motor with power source single phase, AC HZ. Also, this is 120 volt and full load current 10 AMP. It also can perform 100 Sfm to 350 sfm ranging speed. Its variable speed dial allows the user very quickly and easily select the perfect speed for every application. When working with round stock this band saw offers for its user 5-inch capacity and 5 by 4-3/4 inch capacity when it’s working with rectangular stock.

Easy maintenance with long-lasting blade life

In this band saw the user will get very maintenance. As it has accurate blade tracking adjustment system the user will see the improvement of blade alignment for this system reduces blade wear and coming result good. In fact, it increases the blade life by this system while dual bearing blade guide rollers increase the durability. Here the user can change the blade very conveniently when comes time to switch out his blade as the saws has blade changing lever loosens.

Durable convenient design

If you want to get the optimal performance of the band saw you will see only DWM120K as its very durable and convenient designed. This band saw has the LED work light which is very helpful for the user for cutting very accurately and cleanly. It also has the integrated hang hook that allows the user for changing the band saw in a convenient position without having to put it up and down.

In addition, this band saw’s serviceable steel shroud and rubber bumpers allow the saw’s guard for withstanding abuse as well.

Accurate and comfortable

DWM120K band saw is very accurate and comfortable for its end user. This band saw has the comfortable grip and it is an integral part of any band saw’s performance. The user will get more comfort for its multi-position and over sized handle as it offers plenty of hand space and easy adjust ability at the time of working.


This band saw has 10 amp with the 120-volt motor which designed with controlled power to withstand any job site application. Mainly this band saw power source is corded electric. As all DEWALT product is factory tested if any tool does not operate then the user needs to check the power supply.
Here you will see the component of DEWALT band saw. Hope this will be helpful for you to select this tool easily.

a) Multi-position ball handle
b) Sight light
c) Sight light switch
d) Trigger switch
e) Main handle
f) Work stop
g) Guide roller
h) Blade tracking adjustment
i) Blade tension lever
j) Blade
k) Speed while
l) Rubber bumper
m) Hang Hook
n) Pulley
o) Rubber guard
p) Blade guard

Above all components is very important for this band saw the user must assemble the entire component by disconnecting the power source to avoid the injury.


This wonderful portable band saw has 0.020” (0.5mm) thick, ½ “ (12.5mm) wide and 44-7/8” long blade. Here the user should use actual model. If use different type blade then it may cause the hazardous situation.

Here blade selection is very important. Generally, the first consideration is what size and shape to be cut also what types of material to be cut Remember the most efficient cutting as the coarser the tooth the faster the cut.

Extra facilities in the box

The user will get some extra facilities in the DEWALT Box. In the box this manufacturers are giving hex wrench, standard 44.875 by 500 by 0.20-inch blade, kit box along with DWM 120 K DEWALT Deep cut band saw.


Warranty is very important considering aspect before buying any band saw. DEWALT knows how to get the customer satisfaction. So, they are giving three years limited warranty also any defects due to faulty materials or workmanship this manufacturer will repair for three years from the date of purchase.
In addition, this brand is giving 90 days money back guaranty. If the customer is fully disappointed with the performance of this tool he can return it within 90 days from the purchase.


  • Awesome tools. It can use to cut electric conduit and galvanized steel pipe.
  • Works great especially when adding the table.
  • Variable speed is great for cutting different materials.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Fantastic portable band saw for cutting metal easily.
  • This band saw is well blended and quality built.
  • Great product with high quality.
  • Great price for great tools.
  • Good deals in all aspect.


Though DEWALT Band saw has got lots of praise for its performance but it has some minor issues that are reported by the user.

Stand- This model doesn’t have any table but Swag offroad makes a high-quality table for this saw.

Tigger lock-This model doesn’t have any trigger lock.

Storage case-Sometime the user will face the problem for the storage case.


1/ Q: Can it cut stainless steel?
Ans: Yes, it can cut stainless steel.

2/ Q: Where is this band saw made?
Ans: This band saw made in the USA but assembled in Mexico.

3/ Q:Can this band saw wrought iron?
Ans: Yes, it can cut.

4/Q: How many TPI blade come with this band saw?
Ans: 14 TPI

5/ Q: Does it have a stand?
Ans: This saw kit does not have the stand.

Final verdict

Finally we can say from the above discussion this band saw is one of the greatest inventions of DEWALT. If anyone wants to start his new business with this band saw he will get success undoubtedly.

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