DEWALT porta band saw home depot

If anyone thinks to make a project in his home garage or the near his home area he can think or consider about DEWALT porta band saw. Really this band saw has the excellent features which attract its end user. In fact, this band saw must fulfill the requirement of any woodworker or metal worker. Considering its user satisfactions everybody can think as DEWALT porta band saw home depot.

However, let come to see one of the important accessories features for the easy consideration.

DEWALT 20V band saw blade

DEWALT 20V band saw blade is a most important considering part in today’s project. Here you can also consider DEWALT 3984C 24 TPI portable band saw blade as it is 3 pack.

DEWALT DW3984C 24TPI blade

DEWALT DW3984C 24TPI blade

Let see the most important features of DEWALT blade—

  • DEWALT has Matrix 11 High-speed Steel Edge for heat and wearer resistance.
  • For adding durability and wear this blade has 8% cobalt content.
  • This blade has RC 65-67 tooth Hardness which increased wear resistance.
  • This blade is very ideal for thick, medium and thin gauge metal cutting.
  • For Fatigue Resistance blade has alloy steel backer.

DEWALT DW3984C 24TPI blade specifications

Everybody should know his product information before buying it. Otherwise, he will face the problem at the time of using. However, here I am giving the details product specifications---

Part no



4.8 ounce


14 X0.6 X 5.2

Model no

DW 3984C





Power source

Corded electric

DEWALT DW3984C 24TPI blade warranty

Different power tool manufacturer give the different type of offer regarding warranty. Yes, Dewalt is giving 30 days money back guaranty for its end user for the better customer satisfaction. So, my recommendation to buy this band saw now.

Final verdict

From the above discussion, we can say that every band saw used in different type of blade which can be better projected for the home depot. In fact, better performance of the blade can give the long life of the band saw with the better success. So, again my recommendation to buy this blade to get the extreme result. 

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