How band saw cutting [Important Info]

How band saw cutting? It’s a most important question in today’s competitive market. Every user should know about the cutting capacity of his best band saw before buying. Because of the total performance of the band saw depend on the cutting performance. So, what is the best? I am going to discuses How band saw cutting [Important Info] in this post. Just keep with me.

Can band saw cut curves?

Maximum users think what cut can a band saw make is it better for curves or the straight or the both? I think both are necessary to perform the project. The reason is that design is not constant. Sometime it’s may use for curve cutting or sometimes straight. Now I am going to show how band saw can cut curves.

Top 7 steps for cutting curves of any band saw

For cutting curves every user need below things to complete that with success-
a) Band saw that’s have no disturb 

b) A thin proper blade that is suitable for band saw (Here ¼ inch is recommended)

c) Drawing materials that’s need for drawing curve ( Like pencil, sign pen, paper etc)

d) Drawing design curves paper

e) Materials that need to cut curve ( Wood, plywood, metal etc)

Now see the cutting curves in step by step for your better completions-

Step-1: Select the perfect blade

Select the perfect blade is very important and the first step for cutting curves. The reason is that the blade that is too wide that cannot cut in a tight position. So here need to consider maximum narrow blade to get the full achievement. Here I am giving some of the blade reference which is absolutely the best guideline for cutting curve though my recommendation is ¼ inch blade.

Select bandsaw blade

How to select perfet blade

  • 1/8-inch blade use for 3/16-inch minimum radius cut
  • 3/16-inch blade use for 5/16-inch minimum radius cut
  • 1/4-inch blade use for 5/8-inch minimum radius cut
  • 3/8-inch blade use for 1-1/2 inch minimum radius cut
  • 1/2-inch blade use for 2-1/2 inch minimum radius cut
  • 5/8-inch blade use for 4-inch minimum radius cut
  • 3/4-inch blade use for 5-1/2 inch minimum radius cut
  • 1-inch blade use for 7-inch minimum radius cut

So, I hope you have decided your band saw blade already. Ok now come to the second step.

Step-2: Band saw set up

Sometimes band saw not cutting smooth but what’s the reason? The reason is that the band saw wasn’t set up properly. Not only curve cutting but this is very important for all. After selecting your blade should set up the blade with the band saw. Here proper tuning is important. For proper set up centering the blade on the crown of the wheels then setting the guides and thrust bearings as well as tension the blade, and squaring the table. You are recommended to see the video for your easy understanding.

Step-3: Draw the design on material

Now the time to draw the design on the material. It should carefully done otherwise you will not get proper result. If the design is mistake the curve cutting will mistake. So more accurate cutting you can print the design sheet with full scale and transfer that on the material. If the parts are larger than 8.5 x 11 then FedEx/Kinkos do black and white prints (up to 36" wide) and it’s a very reasonable price.

Draw curve cutting

How to draw curve

Step-4: Bigger parts cutting

After drawing needs to start cutting the bigger parts otherwise it won’t be manageable to cut properly. It’s really tough to adjust cutting if the bed of the band saw is narrow because the larger part of the material unable to set up on the bed. So that time you are recommended to use jigsaw. After cutting some of the parts you can use your desired band saw as well.

Step-5: Relief cutting small parts

It is the most useful step for cutting the curves materials. Here you should straight cut up the wastage parts from the material and back in the straight out. By this way you will able to see your desired curve parts after removing the all wastage small parts.

Remove smaller parts

How to remove smaller parts

Step-6: Cut outside the line

This is the 6th step after cutting wastage small parts. It’s only for the taking care otherwise the main curve parts can be damage. So, firstly cutting the outside the line then remove the parts from the materials after that you can finish the cutting on line.

Step-7: Move the cut forward

This is the last stage of cutting curve. Never turn the material unless you are also pushing forward as you make the cut. If your cut is drifting badly off the line then turn the saw of and back your material out after the blade has stopped moving as well start the cut over. You shouldn’t try to overcompensate by twisting the blade as it is flexible and can break or be pulled off the wheels of the band saw.

Above discussion is only for cutting curves. Now I am going to discuss about others cutting facilities for the best band saw that actually need to know--

How to cut a straight line with a band saw

Every band saw can cut a straight line. It’s the easy process of cutting any materials. Here the main thing is to select the blade. If you want to resewing, cutting thin strips of veneer or even rough-cutting lumber from logs or all other special design the band saw can cut easily. For these straight cuts, you'll need the right blade plus a sturdy fence. The fence needs to be positioned parallel to the blade typically on the left side.

Band saw for cutting metal

What band saw for cutting metal? If your question is that or If you want to know can a band saw cut glass, Can a band saw cut stainless steel, Can I cut aluminum with band saw, Can a band saw cut tile then I will say yes. There are a different types of band saw in the market you can choice one of that for your desired cutting. You can visit Amazon for your better choice. But from my point of view the below is the most popular.

01. WEN 3970 Metal-Cutting Band Saw with Stand, 4" x 6"- Check price
02. DEWALT DWM120K 10 Amp 5-Inch Deep Cut Portable Band Saw Kit- Check price
03. SHOP FOX W1715 3/4 HP Metal Cutting Bandsaw- Check price
04. Grizzly G0561 Metal Cutting Bandsaw, 7 x 12-Inch- Check price
05. Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw With Fence, 10-Inch- Check price

Band saw for cutting meat

Hope you are thinking can a band saw cut meat or can a meat band saw cut wood. I will say yes it can. In today’s market some of the manufacturer has made different types of meat cutting band saw. Here is the top 4 model that actually awesome.

01. Professional Meat Cutting Band Saw with Built - in Grinder- Check price
02. Tangkula Electric 550W Proffessional Stand Up Butcher Meat Band Saw & Grinder Processor Sausage (Grey)- Check price
03. KWS B-310 Countertop Model Commercial 3800W 5HP Electric Meat Band Saw Bone Sawing Machine/ Slicer Heavy-Duty- Check price
04. Tangkula Electric 550W Proffessional Stand Up Butcher Meat Band Saw & Grinder Processor Sausage (Red)- Check price

A meat cutting band saw can cut wood but here you need to know a meat cutting saw blade runs less than 1000 feet per minute where a wood cutting saw might run 3000 feet per minute. You should need to change the pulley ratio to get the right speed for wood. Use this site to work it out. Finally you need a blade which is made for wood and normally 6 teeth per inch. I hope if use this way definitely you will able to cut wood by meat cut band saw.

Final verdict

From the above discussion we can say different types of band saw can be used in different types of project. It will depend up to you what type of project you have or what type of material you need to cut. For your better selection my recommendation is to visit my all others page where you will get your easy solution. If you think How band saw cutting [Important Info] post isn't enough to you then for additional you can contact with me by your valuable comments in the below comments box.

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