How band saw work-13 steps really needs [2019]

Are you looking for best band saw? Or are you thinking how does a band saw work or what does band saws do? A lot of questions arise in front of you.
No problem it’s not the matter of anxious. If you study this article you will see everything is clear.
Best band saw can cut not only for the regular shape but different type of circle or any critical cutting following the design.
Let see the step by step band saw uses for the user easy working. From here the user will able to know the function of band saw as well.

First Step: Safety

Are you wood worker or metal worker or plumber? Hope you are well aware about your safety issue before using your band saw. Though you are the very sincere but I want to give you just friend reminder about the safety also if you are newbie then my request to read out the post very attentively to avoid unavoidable circumstances.

From my point of view you need to know what things you necessary to make your band saw safety.
-Third - Eye wear
-Forth- Blades
-Fifth- Table adjustment

Let come into the post to know the elaborate discussion of above topics. 

-First- Material

Considering the safety the user need to know about which material he need to cut. Because every band saw is not the suitable to cut every material. Say, if you want to cut a large timber then you will unable to cut by small portable band saw. So, according to your cutting materials every user needs to select the band saw. Mainly a band saw can cut wood, metal or tiles. So, whatever you like for cutting from my point of view everybody should aware about safety issue at the time of using any material cutting.


Gloves is another safety issue for any band saw. Because when the user goes to cut any materials then must need to use gloves. Mainly the glove is the preventing item at the time of using band saw.

-Third – Eye wear

This is the third safety issue for any band saw. If you read this this article you will able to know about the eye wear. This is the protector at the time of cutting materials.

-Forth- Blades

Blade is another safety issues so every user need to select the proper blades otherwise the blade may come out from the machine it may the case of injured.

-Fifth- Table adjustment

Maximum band saw stand on a table so before starting the band saw every user should check the wheel of the band saw are fixed or not. Here the user should remember that table must be fixed up otherwise the band saw will move and it will cause the injure.

Second Step: Know about Machine

What types of material you need to cut that completely depend on your machine? So, it’s very necessary to know about the machine which you want to buy. Here if you want to start large project you need to buy the large machine or if you want to start any small project then you can buy the small machine. Sometimes some of the woodworker or metal worker or the plumber needs to work in contract that time they need to buy the portable. Whatever the working process before buying any band saw you can study all of my review article then you will able to select easily your desired best band saw.

Third Step: Measurements

I think measurement is the third step of using any band saw as without measurement no wood worker able to cut the necessary cutting. Measurement can use in CM or Inch. Before starting to cut the circle or the straight select the measure which is need to take the actual shape after cutting. So, I think it’s the practical everybody should study or learn from the expertise to complete his task in very easily.

Forth Step: Speed set up

Speed set up is very important for every band saw user. Before speed set up make sure what types of material you need to cut. Because for softer materials need to set up faster speed on the other hand for hard materials need to set up slower speed. So, before starting any band saw the user must need to set up the speed by tuning to get the best performance of cutting.

Fifth Step: Feeding

Feeding is the fifth step of using process for any band saw. When you set up the speed as well as marked the object then you are ready to feed up your machine. The object of feeding can be depended on what types of machine you will use. Based on this feeding can be fed by manually or using the powered feeder. Here the user must need to check the blade teeth facing side before turning the switch on of band saw.
Also if you want to feed manually you must need to keep away of your hand from the blade or if you want to feed powered you should make sure you are not in a position of catch any of the part of your band saw. It’s totally the safety issue for feeding. The user should follow the below steps-
-Firmly grab the object
-Align the cutting line with the blade
-Clear your hands from the path of the blade and push the object into the line of the band saw blades.
-After cutting the object remove the articles from the machine and turn the machine off.

How band saw use?

What are you thinking? How to use the band saw? Don’t worry here is the tutorial for you. When you see all of your material is ready then just follow the below steps to complete the cutting.

Step-1: Clean

This is the first step of using any band saw. Without cleaning any band saw nobody can use it properly. Also it’s the hazarded at the time of cutting. Even if you clean it just while back but before starting newly you should check it again. Cleaning can enhance the cutting capacity of any band saw. So, this is very important using any band saw.

Step-2: Select right blade

This is the second step of using any band saw. Every user need to know about the belt size because without right blade nobody able to cut his desired material. If you want to cut thinner materials then you need to use finer blade. On the other hand if you want to cut larger materials then you need to use wider blade. It’s totally depending on what type of material you are going to cut. Also there are a lots of blade in the market but you need to select the right one otherwise it may the cause of happening machine damage.

Step-3: Adjust the blade

This is the third step. Here you need to adjust the blade as it’s very important to adjust the blade before start cutting otherwise it may come out from the machine also if you tight more than the required the blade can break up or tear up. It may cause the injured. So if you adjust the blade properly then you will get the better performance of the band saw.

Step-4: Adjust the blade guide

Blade guide adjust is the forth step of using band saw. Every band saw has two blade guides. For getting the better cutting facilities you need to adjust the blade guide properly. Blade guide help to align the blade for cutting materials properly.

Step-5: Blade guard set up

Before start cutting need to take fifth step which is blade guard set up. Blade guard is very important because it can protect the hands. Blade guard should be put into the position before starting the cut.

Step-6: Power on the machine

This is the sixth step. Here you need to power on your band saw or the best log cutting machine. But before on the power need to check the adjustment of band saw otherwise it may cause the danger. Also you need to see the material which you want to cut that will properly cut. If feel any discrepancy then stop the power as well as re-check the adjustment again. After re-adjust the machine you can cut your desired design easily.

Step-7: Cut according to design

This is the seventh step is cutting. Once everything is ok then you can cut your desired design either it is thick, thin, circle or straight. Just draw the design on the materials then cut according to design using the power of the machine proper adjusting.

Step-8: Resewing the materials

This is the last step of using band saw. Every woodworker, metal worker need to finish the material after cutting. Here you need to go back as well as re cut the small piece. You can do this by adjusting the blade lowering according to the work piece.


Hope all of you have enjoyed the above article as it’s the best tutorial for you because from here you can know about BANDSAW HOW TO USE, FUNCTION OF BAND SAW, WHAT ARE BAND SAW USED FOR, BAND SAW USES, BAND SAW IS USED FOR. If you think it’s a little bit helpful to you please comments on the below as well share this post for the help of your friends or others user. From my practical experience I have seen many of the band saw user user the band saw but they are not the enough confident to use this. So, if you feel any queries feel to contact with me by commenting in the below comments box.

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