Imachinist S801314 Bi-metal Band Saw Blades 80-inch By 1/2-inch By 14tpi [For New-year]

It’s very important to select the perfect blade for the best band saw to get the better performance. May you are thinking but how? Don’t worry for this necessity I am going to discuss about different types of band saw blade. I can give 100% assure that definitely you will get the best solution. Just come into my post. Firstly I am going to discuss top most important band saw blade review here. Anyway If you are still looking for the best band saw blade or band saw blade lows or band saw blade sizes I think you are in right position. Because here I am going to discuss about Imachinist S801314 Bi-metal Band Saw Blades 80-inch By 1/2-inch By 14tpi [For NewYear].

Let see the details features of this blade for your easy selection.

a) Imachinist S801314 blade size

Before buying any band saw blade every user need to think about the size of the blade. If the size is compact and user friendly then it must be give the best performance of cutting. So see the details size of the blade for your easy consideration.
Length: 80 inch
Width: ½ inch
Thickness: 0.025 inch

According to your band saw I think it’s one of the best size for your easy working.

b) Imachinist S801314 blade TPI

I think every end user like wood worker, metal worker or the plumber they know the elaboration of TPI but those who are the newbie hope they will see the new word. I am giving the elaboration of TPI for those guys. Yes, the elaboration of TPI means “Teeth Per Inch” . For the selection of blade it’s very important. What type of material you want to cut TPI depends on that. In the market you will see different types of TPI blade but I think 14 TPI is one of the best. As Imachinist S801314 blade is giving 14 inch TPI so you can select this blade for your band saw.

c) Imachinist S801314 blade cutting capacity

As Imachinist S801314 blade is 14 TPI it’s very suitable for the soft cutting like metal or thin plastic pipe or the tube. For your kind information this blade teeth distance is onlt 1.8 mm per teeth that’s why it can cut very smoothly. So, my recommendation to buy this blade now.

d) What the buyer will get

In the packages the buyer will get 1 piece 80" x 1/2" x 14tpi band saw blade in his package.

e) Shipping facilities

If the user buy this band saw blade then after buying the goods will shipped by Amazon or shipped by seller by China Post (USPS-First Class). Here they need 7-20 days (usually), 21-45 (sometimes).

f) Services

After buying this blade if you are happy then you can give the positive review or if you dissatisfied then you can give the negative review or can contact with the seller or the manufacturer. They will solve the issue as very soon.

Technical details at a glance

Here I am giving the details technical specifications which will very effective for you to select the blade accordingly I think.

Part Number:                        IM801314
Item Weight:                         1.6 ounces
Product Dimensions:         80 x 0.5 x 14 inches
Item model number:          S801314
Material:                                Bi-metal type, 80" long, 1/2" wide, 14tpi
Item Package Quantity:     1
Number Of Pieces:              1000
Blade Length:                      80 inches
Batteries Included?            No
Batteries Required?            No


01. Question:
Will this blade work for cutting 1095 steel?
1095 is a moderate carbon steel, it can cut stainless steel like butter--- this blade will breeze through the material.

Is this blade recommended for cutting Plexiglas?
Yes this blade can cut Plexiglas, wood & aluminum with easily.

03. Question:
Will this blade work on a craftsman 80" band saw that I cut wood on ?
As long as your saw is 80" and your blade is 80, yes. Be aware that cutting metals other than soft metals such as thin cooper, needs to have some sort of coolant to keep the blade from overheating. But a short-thin piece of soft metal will be okay.

04. Question:
What are the recommended surface feet per minute for this blade?
Well, it depends on your metal and band saw; we recommend that you use the speed on the band saw user manual etc. In my opinion, we think the normal speed is OK for this blade, not too fast nor too slow.

Band saw blade

Band saw blade

Final verdict

So finally we can say from the above discussion this blade has come in the market June 26, 2015 and it’s customer review is 56 which is 3.6 out of 5 start. So definitely this is one of the best band saw in today’s competitive market. For this reason my recommendation is to buy this Imachinist S801314 Bi-metal Band Saw Blades 80-inch By 1/2-inch By 14tpi [For NewYear]. Yes, only for your new project don’t waist the time.

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