Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175 14 x 12 Bandsaw

Every tools manufacturer tries their best to produce their good quality product to the market so that they can achieve the customer satisfaction. Yes, now I am talking about Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175 14 x 12 Band saw. They are finally ready to introduce their 14/12 band saw. It is their first foray into the 110V segment. If you read this article then you will get some wonderful information from here easily to select your band saw.

Laguna_ Tools_ MBAND1412-175_ 14 x 12_ Bandsaw

MBAND1412-175 14 x 12 band saw is CSA certified prewired 115-volt outlet for light, direct start switch, with safety key, 13/4 HP, TEFC, 60 Hz motor which are very important things to consider this tools.
This tool also has the cast iron wheels, cast iron 211/2 inches X 16 inches Micro polish table surface. The good steel frame constructed band saw has 12 inches re-saw capacity and 13 5/8 inches throat capacity which is very important for working easily. Its blade length is 115 inches and aluminum fence dimension is 18 inches X 5 ½ inches X ½ inches also has 8 inches X 13 inches heavy duty cast iron trunion which can help you work with safety.

So, let come here and take the decision to select this band saw for your effective project from the beginning stage.

Also, see the details features of this band saw as well.


Power is the very important issue for any band saw as without power no power tool can be run. That’s why every power tools manufacture gives on the stress on the power equipment for their tools for the better work or better performance. Considering this Laguna MBAND1412-175 14 x 12 band saw used 13/4 HP, TEFC, 60 H2 motor and its voltage is 115V which are very user-friendly. Also, this band saw is 14/7 Amperage 14/7(115/230V). Not only that but it has the 6-inch cord with NEMA 5-15 plug which is very convenient for its end users.

Moreover, this band saw has illuminated on-off direct start switch with the safety key that absolutely awesome. Also, it has prewired 115V outlet for light. So you will not able to get like this quality band saw in the market from other manufacturers to buy. So, buy it now.


Construction is the very important issue before selecting any band saw. Because if the construction of band saw isn’t perfect then it can be useless for the users. Laguna band saw constructed by the steel frame with pyramid spine. See the details part of this band saw-----

a) Tension indicator/window

b) Switch

c) Motor 

d) Frame

e) Blade tension handle

f) Blade tracking window

g) Cast iron table

h) Blade guide adjustment hand wheel

i) Blade guides

j) Rip fence

k) Dust port

l) Quick-release blade tension lever

m) Blade-tracking knob

n) Optional mobility kit

o) Optional light

p) Blade guide shaft lock knob

q) 110V power socket

r) Flywheel

Re-saw capacity

Laguna MBAND1412-175 14 x 12 band saw is 12 inch, throat capacity 13 5/8 and blade length is 115 inch. It also has 18 inch X 5 ½ inch X ½ inch aluminum rip fence which is very protective from the danger.

Cast iron table

Laguna MBAND1412-175 14 x 12 band saw has cast iron trunnion 8 inch X 13-inch table. Also, tilt at right- 45 degrees and at left- 7 degree. Also, this band saw is micro-adjusted with positive at 90 degrees.

So, why you are making delay to buy? Take decision as well as buy this band saw for your new project.

Dust port

Laguna MBAND1412-175 14 x 12 band saw produce lots of sawdust. So, it is very important to extract timely otherwise the user will not able to work properly. Considering this Laguna has given the dust port facilities for this model. 4 inches dust extraction hose to the dust port located at the side of the machine with a minimum capacity of 1000 CFM. It's very stronger the suction of dust collector.


Laguna MBAND1412-175 14 x 12 band saw is giving one year warranty for it used from the date of shipping. To cover this warranty the machine must be registered with Laguna tool within 30 days of purchase. Also for the defective parts, this manufactures will repair without charge. Laguna Tools, Inc. is not responsible for additional tools or modifications sold or performed (other than from/by Laguna Tools, Inc.) on any Laguna Tools, Inc. machine. Warranty may be voided upon the addition of such described tools and/or modifications, determined on a case-by-case basis.

Only new machines sold to the original owner are covered by this warranty. For warranty repair information, call 1-800-332-4094.


  • Very well packed and everything is good shape.
  • Assembly and use are very well documented.
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to set up
  • Great saw, excellent quality
  • Great price, very well packaged
  • Operate quietly no need ear protection
  • Re-saw and cutting capacity is excellent.
  • Can use for a large variety of woodworking project
  • This band saw is an excellent value, exceptionally well-engineered and mostly well made.
  • This is a great saw with lots of power considering 110V


Though Laguna MBAND1412-175 14 x 12 band saw one of the best band saw in today's market but it has some cons though it can be solved easily.


If the upper wheel isn’t absolutely true and the tire on that wheel isn’t centered all the way around it may be the reason of coming vibration. OK, don’t worry you can contact with the Lagunas customer care and they will solve this problem.

Blade changing

Sometimes blade changing may the cause of the hassle of the user. Blade changing May the difficult at best due to the difficulty involved in setting the lower guide. However to solve this problem the user need to study the manual. If not understand then can contact the Lagunas customer care and they will solve this problem.


1) Q: What is the table height with or without the mobile base?
Ans: The table height is 37 13/16 inches on the mobile base with the feet on the floor.

2) Q: Can the motor be rewired to run on 220V?
Ans: Yes, the motor can be rewired to run 220V.

3) Q: How long does the blade take to come to a stop?
Ans: 3/16 inch blade takes 15 seconds to stop.

4) Q: Does this band saw come with the wheel? What is the total over height?
Ans: Wheel is optional. You need to purchase the mobility kit and install it during assembly. The overall height is 70 ½ inches.

5) Q: Does anybody use this saw in the winter? Does it perform well in cold?
Ans: Yes, anybody can use this band saw in winter. Yes, it performs well in cold.


From the above discussion we can come to the decision to buy this band saw for starting any new project. If you use this band saw the life will be the easier and success will come earlier. So my strongly recommend to buy this band saw as soon as possible.

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