Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 Cordless Sub-Compact Band saw Kit

Most of the electrician needs to cut ½” conduit for inside wiring. Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 Cordless Sub-Compact Band saw Kit has the demand for everyday commercial work including cutting a lot of uni strut, rigid pipe and conduit of all sizes. If you use this band saw for home depot you will see its too cute and super small to easy work.

Milwaukee 2429-20 Cordless Sub Compact Band Saw

When you use the corded deep cut band saw you will feel tired of carrying around the tool and cord but Milwaukee is totally cordless. So you will feel very easy to carry as well as not feel any hassle for an extra cord. It also can make easy of some work like 1.5-inch angle guardrail. It also easy to use in one hand and its length is 11 inch. If you want to cut lots of small stuff at awkward you will get an easy solution with this tool.

1) Powerful motor

Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 has the powerful motor that can cut ¾ inch EMT in 3 seconds. Up to 150 cuts per charges with XC Lithium-ion battery and its blade length-27 inch X ½ inch X 0.020 inch. Also, it has LED light and adjustable blade tracking.

2) One-handed cut

Every user want to use his tools very easy to get the better result. Milwaukee 2429 is very useful for only one as it is the One-Handed cut. When you feel the most of the compact size or cutting ½” EMT conduit for a much time you will say this band saw has made of your whole life is very easier. Its take about 3-4 seconds to cut through ½ “ EMT conduit. Yes, you can a bit faster with a band saw new blade on a regular hacksaw. So if you are looking for a good little bandsaw and can deal with the limited cutting capacity then this band saw only for you.

3) Cutting capacity

If you consider the cutting capacity then you can think about Milwaukee 2429. As this powerful band saw can cut ¾” EMT only for 3-4 seconds. Also, it delivers 150 cuts per charge with a low vibration. This band saw can cut 1-5/8” X 1-5/8” very cleanly. Most of the small diameter things like rubber, steel pipe and anything else that will fit into the bench with easy.

4) Blade

Blade is the important parts of any band saw. This band saw required for ½” width, 27-1/16” length and 0.020” thickness blade. The special 0.020” thickness reduces flexure fatigue and provides tooth life maximum. The user needs to use correct pitch(teeth per inch) for the specific cutting job also the maximum cutting life.

5) Blade tracking adjustment

Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 has the adjustable blade tracking. If the blade begins to slip off the pulleys after proper seating then the user needs to the below steps---

  • 1
    Need to adjust screwdriver into the blade tracking adjustment screw and tighten ¼ turn.
  • 2
    Reinstall blade
  • 3
    Close pulley case
  • 4
    Start the tool the test
  • 5
    Repeat until blade remain stable on pulleys

6) Battery

Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 has the M12tmXC High capacity Red Lithium tm battery ( 48-11.2402) It delivers more power, speed and run-time than standard lithium-ion batteries. It also offers 3.0 amp hours of run time with built in Milwaukee durability. Also, this battery can run cooler and performs in the climate below 0 degrees F/-18 degree C. So you will see the optimized performance and overload protection using total system communication between tool, charge, and battery here.

7) LED work light

Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 has the LED work light. This light is turned on automatically when the trigger is pulled. The user can turn on the LED to line up a cut or light up the work piece. Need to pull the trigger lightly. The LED light automatically go off after 30 seconds.

8) Warranty

For the customer satisfaction every Milwaukee power tool including cordless product, tool, the battery is warranted to the original purchaser only to be free from the defects in materials and workmanship. Milwaukee will repair or replace for any parts on an electric power tool which after examination. Here Milwaukee is giving 5 years limited warranty to repair or replace any parts after the date of purchase unless otherwise noted.


  • One-Handed cut band saw
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to set up
  • arrows
    Portable band saw
  • arrows
    Two XC 12-volt batteries with the charger facilities
  • arrows
    Easy to carry as the weight is 12.4 pounds
  • arrows
    Good little size
  • arrows
    Clean cutting capacity
  • arrows
    Fantastic warranty at 5 years for unit and 3 years for battery
  • arrows
    Cheap price


In spite of all the advantage this band saw has little bit cons but it’s not the major issues.

Power stop

sometimes the user will face the sudden power of the band saw.

Here the user needs to check the battery charge. After measuring the charge the user needs to recharge the battery. By this way, this problem can be solved.


1) Q: Where this band saw made?
Ans: China
2) Q: Can use 18 volts batteries?
Ans: This band saw kit come with the 12-volt battery so can’t use 18 volts.
3) Q: What does this band saw come with?
Ans: 2 batteries, charger, blade, case, and manual.
4) Q: Will this band saw cut thru 1.25” solid stainless steel rod?
Ans: If you use right blade then it can cut.
5) Q: What TPI Blade comes with?
Ans: 18 TPI sub-compact bands saw blade.


So, finally we can say if you are a professional residential electrician or you want to use this band saw for home depot you must consider Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 Cordless Sub-Compact Band saw Kit. Overall you can consider this product for professionals or nonprofessionals as well.

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