POWERTEC BS900 9-Inch Band Saw Reviews 

POWERTEC is a well-known brand for the power tools manufacturer like others. This brand is very popular more than 25 years. By the continuous of upgrading model, it has made BS900 Band Saw for its end user. Those who want to use the cheap band saw for the new project they can consider this wonderful pretty handy tool easily. You can see the details POWERTEC BS900 9-Inch Band Saw Reviews

POWERTEC BS900 9-Inch Band Saw Reviews

No matter whether your cutting piece is very thick or big POWERTEC BS900 can cut it very easy like a pro. As an important thing is cutting capacity this tool has 1/8 inch to 3/8 inch blade capacity and by that, it can cut material very quickly and cleanly. Let have a look some important discussion of this band saw for your easy selection.


When need to cut any irregular shape like curves, circle this band saw will go to your power tool. Because it’s a wonderful as well as good quality forever. This band saw can operate entirely and differently than any other band saw which is tremendously helpful than other band saw.

Product description

The POWERTEC BS900 Band Saw weight is 43.1 pounds and its dimension is 31.1 X 17.7 X 11 inches. As a bare tool, it has the induction motor, ½ HP, 1725 RPM, 2.5 amps, blade size 62 inch X 1/8 inch X 3/8 inch. Aluminum dies casting table size- 11-3/4 inch X 11-3/4 inch, depth of throat at 90 degrees is 9 inch, maximum depth of cut at 90 degrees is 3-5/8 inch, maximum depth of cut at 45 degrees is 2 inch, dust port is 2 inch. Also, the user will get

  • Patented blade guard adjustment for quick and easy blade change.
  • Blade tracking window
  • Quick release blade tension lever makes blade changing easily.
  • Table with rack and pinion adjustment for quick and easy blade change.


Every power tools has the supporting power tools for its running accurately and perfectly. BS900 has the power sourcing materials like others. This band saw has the 120 volts AC motor with below specification---

  • Horsepower(peak HP)-------1/2
  • Voltage---------------------------120
  • AMPS-----------------------------2.5
  • Hertz------------------------------60
  • Phase-----------------------------Single
  • RPM-----------------------------1725

So, like this heavy powerful and heavy-duty motor defiantly will helpful for any small project. Only the user needs to maintain it perfectly. The user should not connect the power source until the machine is completely assembled. Before connecting the machine to the power source makes sure the switch is in the OFF position. Also running the unit on voltage which is not in the range may cause the motor burn out. In addition, heavy loads require the voltage at motor terminals be no less than the voltage specified on nameplates. In this case, the user needs the power supply to the motor controlled by locking rocker switch. Also, remove the key to prevent unauthorized use.


Blade is an important material for any band saw BS900 has the blade size 62 inch X 1/8 inch X 3/8 inch which has the wonderful cutting capacity with heavy duty.

The user will get excellent quality blade here which width in ranges from 1/8 inch to 3/8 inch. For curve cutting of radius needs the blade width of 1/8 inch. So, the user needs to use the blade width of the ¼ inch for cutting radius of 5/8 inch and the width of 3/8 inch for 1-1/4 inch.

Also, the user will get perfect (TPI) or tooth size blade of this band saw. Here need to remember that more teeth per inch will cut slower but produce smoother cutting surface while fewer teeth per inch will cut rougher but faster. For softwood, the proper blade needs 6 to 8 (TPI). On the other hand for hardwood need to use 8 to 12 (TPI).


Considering product warranty the user will get more comfort comparatively than the others manufactures. POWERTEC product has been designed and manufactured to meet the high-quality standard. Also guaranteed for domestic use against defects in workmanship or materials for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. Here the user will get---


POWERTEC has the first 30 days satisfaction guarantee after the date of purchase, if the users are dissatisfied with the performance of this tool for any reason, he may return the tool to the retailer from which it was purchased for a full refund or exchange. The user must present proof of purchase and return all original equipment packaged with the original product. The replacement tool will be covered by the limited warranty for the balance of the one year warranty period.


POWERTEC also has the one-year limited warranty from the date of purchase covering all defects in workmanship or materials in this period. This warranty is only specific to this tool. Southern Technologies, LLC reserves the right to repair or replace the defective tool, at its discretion.


To obtain service for this POWERTEC tool the user must return it, freight prepaid, to an authorized POWERTEC service center for bench top and stationary power tools. He may obtain the location of the authorized service center nearest you by calling (toll-free) 1-877-393-7121 or by logging on to the POWERTEC website at www.southerntechllc.com. When requesting warranty service, the user must present the proof of purchase documentation, which includes a date of purchase. The authorized service center will either repair or replace any defective part, at our option at no charge to you. The repaired or replacement unit will be covered by the same limited warranty for the balance of one year warranty period. 


This warranty applied to the original purchaser at the retailer and may not be transferred. This warranty does not cover consumable items such as saw blades, knives, belts, discs, cooling blocks, and sleeves. This warranty does not cover required service and part replacement resulting from normal wear and tear, including accessory wear. This warranty does not cover any malfunction, failure or defect resulting from:

  1. Misuse, abuse, neglect, and mishandling not in accordance with the owner's manual.
  2. Damage due to accidents, natural disasters, power outage, or power overload.
  3. Commercial or rental use.
  4. Alteration, modification or repair by other than an authorized service center for POWERTEC product.


  • This band saw is pretty cheap and handy.
  • Easy to use
  • Easy blade changing facility
  • plus
    Can cut wood, MDF, ¼ inch nylon and 1/8 inch aluminum
  • plus
    Easy to set up
  • plus
    Well packed and come with the perfect condition
  • plus
    Works perfectly
  • plus
    This band saw is great for any small light work.


Though this band saw is perfect for woodworkers or for any small project but it has the little bit problem. Don’t worry it also has the solution.


some of the users don’t check whether they got the manual with their product or not. If sometimes missing this manual the user thinks the manufacturer didn’t give them. Yes, the user will face the problem if they do not take the manual.


As everything is clearly mentioned at the manual. The user needs to take this from the manufacturers as well as study carefully before starting their any new project.


Sometimes some of the users can’t set up perfectly then they think that the band saw is useless for them. But it’s not like that here you will get the solution-


The user needs to study manual very carefully then according to the manufacturer’s direction they need to assemble all the parts. Before starting need to check all power source perfectly. By this way, it will solve very easily.

03. Vibration


The user needs to adjust every part very perfectly then the sound will less and vibration will remove.


01.Q: Does the band saw come with a rip fence?
Ans: No, just a miter gauge.

02.Q: How easy is it to get replacement parts?
Ans: It’s very easy just go to their online and communicate with them directly. They will replace the parts.

03.Q: Can it cut metal?
Ans: yes it can cut with the correct blade.

04.Q: Does it come with the blade?
Ans: Yes, it comes with the blade

.05.Q: Can it cut meat?
Ans: Yes it can cut meat.

06.Q: Is there a stand available?
Ans: No, the users need to arrange themselves.


Finally we can say from the above POWERTEC BS900 9-Inch Band Saw Reviews this Band Saw-like among the most useful. Every user need to use this band saw in their project. So, my recommendation to buy this as soon as possible for the better comfort.

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