9 Important features exactly consider for Rikon 10-308 Meat Saw With Grinder, 10-Inch

Rikon 10-308 band saw is a meat band saw. It’s come in the market for the consideration of best work for the butcher. Really it’s a brand new condition as well as work very well. For the hunters and the farmers this band saw is perfect as it can process the meat easier, make cleaning and giving offers years of dependable service.
Rikon 10-308 Meat band saw weight is 136.6 pounds and its dimension is 18 X 18 X 46 inches. It has the stainless steel sliding table with dual holding fence which is perfect to cut meat product safely. This band saw has 9 5/8 inches throat which has 8 ½ inches cutting capacity that’s why it can easily accommodate the large piece of meat as well.

If you think about blade you will see 5/8 inches blade in Rikon 10-308 which speed 984 per minute(ft.) and maximum cutting width (in.) 9 ½, maximum cutting depth (in.) 8 ½. This band saw power source is corded. You easily disassemble for quick cleaning.

Above all, if are not satisfied let come into the article where I will discuss “Top 9 charming features that will exactly attract to buy Rikon 10308 Meat Bandsaw”.

1. Ideal Band saw

Are you looking for the ideal band saw for your new project or if you are new butchers then you need to buy Rikon 10308 Meat Band saw as Rikon has made this band saw according to the customer satisfaction. Really It’s one of the best band saw which is very ideal for the hunters or farmers. During the hunting or farming, everybody feels this band saw as he or she realize this band saw is very helpful for his or her end user.

2. Cutting capacity

Maximum hunter and farmer think about the cutting capacity of whether it's band saw or smart wood cutter. Here the performance depends on what type of materials he will cut or where this band saw is used. Really this band saw is very perfect for hunters and farmers I am adding this again. It's 9 5/8 inch. Throat has an 8 ½ inch. cutting capacity, accommodating large pieces of meat. Includes a 4 ½ inch. Mouth, 2 ¼ inches. throat for sausage and hamburger grinding. Blade Speed per Minute (ft.): 984 Max. Cutting Width: 9 ½ inches, Max. Cutting Depth: 8 ½ inches. Hope you will not get such kind of facility from the others band saw. So, my recommendation buying this band saw as soon as possible.

3. Sliding Table

If you have used meat band saw then definitely you have realized the necessity of the band saw table. Every tools manufacturer considers the customer how they will satisfy. Rikon is one of the best tools manufacturers those who have bought Rikon 10308 Meat Band saw in the today’s competitive market. This model has the sliding Table Dimensions W x L (in.): 22 7/16 x 17 5/16. It’s very convenient for the end user. So, my recommendation to buy this band saw as soon as possible.

4. Easy cleaning

If you think about meat band saw harbor freight then you need to think about the easy cleaning of your band saw. Rikon 10308 Meat Band saw easier cleaning system help for the hunters and the farmers to cut meat very easily with fresh and clean.

5. Power

Are you think about the power of the best band saw no problem you can consider for Rikon 10308 Meat Band saw as this band saw has powerful ¾ HP, 5 AMP, 110V, 60 Hz motor which blade speed is 984 ft/min. So, why not select you this band saw for your home depot or the shop!!

6.The content of package

Every user needs to check his content of package as he has to do an inventory for the future keeping. So, everybody should be careful at the time of lifting and moving the carton prior to assembly. Here you should make an inventory. If anything missing then needs to contact with Rikon. I am giving the details of the content package which will help you to compare. You can check easily with you shipping band saw.

1.Main Unit
2. Sliding Table
3. Rod a
4. Rod b
5. Fence a
6. Fence b
7. Slides (front & rear)
8. Grinder
9. Rod Holders (2)
10. Cover Plate
11. Legs (4)
12. Hardware & Components
  a. Rubber Feet (4)
  b. Funnel
  c. Grinder Stuffer
  d. Table Brace (on the table)
  e. Locking Knobs (2)
  f. Carriage Bolts & Acorn Nuts for Slides (4)
 g. Bolt & Nut for Grinder
 h. Set Screws (2)
  i. Cap Screws for Stops (2)
  j. Bolts for Rod Holders (4)
 k. Blade Tension Knob
 l. Bolt & Nuts for Legs (16)
 m. 10mm Wrench
 n. 13mm Wrench
 o. 3mm Allen Wrench
 p. 4mm Allen Wrench
 q. 5mm Allen Wrench

7. Short identifying Features

Let see the short identifying Features hope it will help you to consider this band saw.

8.What in the Box?

Let see if you buy this band saw what will you get in the Box. This will help you to consider this band saw as well.

  • 110-Volt 10-Inch Meat Saw with Stainless Steel Sliding Table and Meat Grinder - 10-308
  • Owner's Manual

9. Special offer

If you want to buy now then you will get the Item is eligible & No interest if paid in full within 12 months with the Amazon.com Store Card. So, hurry up to buy this band saw now.

Rikon 10308 Meat Band saw the warranty

What warranty period offered?

RIKON Power Tools, Inc. (“Seller”) warrants to only the original retail consumer/purchaser of their products that each product be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of five (5) years from the date the product was purchased at retail. This warranty may not be transferred.

Where warranty does not cover?

This warranty does not apply to defects due directly or indirectly to misuse, abuse, negligence, accidents, repairs, alterations, lack of maintenance or normal wear and tear. Under no circumstances will Seller be liable for incidental or consequential damages resulting from defective products. All other warranties, expressed or implied, whether, of merchant ability, fitness for purpose, or otherwise are expressly disclaimed by Seller. This warranty does not cover products used for commercial, industrial or educational purposes. This limited warranty does not apply to accessory items such as blades, drill bits, sanding discs or belts, and other related items.

Seller shall in no event be liable for death, injuries to persons or property, or for incidental, and contingent, special, or consequential damages arising from the use of our products. To take advantage of this warranty, the user can contact Rikon by mail, phone, or e-mail. Proof of purchase documentation, which includes the date of purchase and an explanation of the complaint, must be provided.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to set up
  • Excellent cutting capacity
  • Cutting with clean and fresh
  • Very convenient for the hunters and farmers
  • Works great
  • This saw is good quality
  • Price is convenient
  • The awesome little machine cuts through bones great


Cheaply produce

The pretty terrible product that was foolishly designed. Way too many moving parts. Need to take it apart to clean it? Good luck! Even a simple adjustment of the blade guides generally takes around 20 minutes or longer because the adjustment screws were put in hard to reach places. At first glance, the sliding table seems like a good idea; however, it is not. Only a centimeter or two off and it will put stress on the blade and cause problems. None of the parts are built to last. The screws, bolts, and washers are already wearing down after weekly use for about a year. Because of constant problems, I am being forced to sell this and buy a better meat saw, most likely an Omcan.


How do put on new blades?
Open the doors and loosen the pulleys, take off the old blade and install the new one. Make sure you have the teeth pointed in the right direction

What is the blade rpm?
It depends on the blade speed.

How long is the saw blade on this saw?
The blades are 76 7/8 long. 5/8 wide 3 teeth per inch. What we order from Magnate Inc.

04. Question:
Does this item include a stand?
05. Question:
Where is the saw made from what country/
I believe it was made in China but it is a great saw for the money I have cut up 3 cows and 6 pigs and it still does a great job


From the above discussion, we can say that Rikon 10308 Meat Band saw one of the market leading band saw for meat cutting.
The most considering aspect is if you buy this band saw you will get the 5-year warranty. So in my point of view, this one of the best meat band saw which you should not keep away if you want to work all of your hunting and farming very easily.

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