SKIL 3386-01 2.5 Amp 9 inch band saw Reviews

SKIL 3386-01 2.5 Amp 9 inch band saw is another wonderful band saw of SKIL brand. The user can cut irregular shapes and rip lumber into thinner pieces. This band saw is essential for the woodworkers as they always find the new SKIL 3386-01 for their new project. Let see the details SKIL 3386-01 2.5 Amp 9 inch band saw Reviews.

SKIL 3386-01 2.5 Amp 9 inch band saw Reviews

The user also can cut through the variety of wood materials with 6 TPI blade. For making quick angle and height can change with the rack and pinion adjustable table. The user can easily align the blade as it has EZ blade tracking system. So it is the much good quality like WEN, GRIZZLY, POWERTEC, DEWALT. In the USA where many people use this band saw for their any woodworking.


Every band saw has it’s power capacity if power not come properly band saw will not be worked properly. SKIL 3386 band saw is 120 volt also it has 2.5 amp motor run it properly.

Miter gauge and Rip fence

SKIL 3386-01 band saw has the miter gauge. When the user making cross-cutting then need miter gauge. It also has the adjustable rip fence which helps the guide the work piece for straight and accurate cutting.

LED work light

This band saw has articulating LED work light and it illuminates the darkness from the cut line for ensuring proper visibility as well as cutting properly.

Dust port

Without dust port band saw can’t be used properly. The user needs to dispatch the dust at the time of working. SKIL 3386 band saw has a dust port so the user can be attached a vacuum hose pipe with the dust port to minimize dust and debris the work space.

Rack and pinion Table

The SKIL 3386 band saw has a convenient rack and pinion table adjustable facility. The user can make the right angle and height change very quickly by this adjustable facility.


Warranty is the important considering things for buying any best band saw. For the satisfying of customer Robert Bosch Tool, the corporation is giving warranty only to the original customer. The SKIL consumer bench top company is giving free from the defecting materials also workmanship for a period of three years from the date of purchase. So the user can take this facility to the soonest.


  • Easy to set up
  • Minimal nice vibration
  • Worked perfectly Element
  • plus
    Awesome Band saw only considering price
  • plus
    Can cut accurately and smoothly
  • plus
    Works well for the small project
  • plus
    Very perfect for woodworking
  • plus
    Very simple to work and clean
  • plus
    Perfect for the hobbyist workshop
  • plus
    Great tool for it the size
  • plus
    Very powerful its size
  • plus
    Good light duty band saw
  • plus
    Easy to understand instruction
  • plus
    Easy to maintenance



  • At the time of working vibration can cause the cutting unpleasant and inaccurate.
  • If the machine not tuned perfectly the harmonic vibration will come from the wheel as it not being perfectly round. May the vibration can increase after runs smoothly for a few seconds.


Before starting the band saw the user need to tune the machine properly. The caution is that the user needs to off the entire power source firstly. After satisfied fully about the entire installment then can start cutting fully otherwise not.

2.Blade tension

  • Blade tension is the very important stage for using the band saw. If blade tension adjusted properly this band saw barely has enough power to get through even light stock.


Before using the band saw the user need to study blade guide properly. Even manufacturer give the proper guide for the installing the blade of the band saw. So, just need the patience to install perfectly for doing better. The user can get this very easily with his tools at the time of buying.


  • This band saw table is not flat for this model.


As the table is not flat the user can catch on blade slot. Workaround by using a piece of plywood on top of the table.


1) Q: What blade does come with? TPI and Thickness?
Ans: this tool comes with 6 TPI blade. The blade type is 1/8 inch to 3/8 inch X 59 – ¼ inches to 59-1/2 inches.

2) Q: Is it a good saw for cutting plastic like plexi glass?
Ans: Yes, this saw can absolutely cut plexi glass and other kinds of plastic.
The few things to recommend that the user found helpful---
I)Put masking tape over or on the cut to prevent chipping.
II)Press down firmly when feeding workpiece.
III)Let the saw do the work
IV)Don’t feed too fast or too slow.
V)Use a blade with fine teeth to get smooth cut.

3) Q: Can it cut logs?
Ans: Yes as long as they aren’t more than the diameter and if have a wide, coarse tooth blade. Take it slow and it will make it through. If the user wants to do larger than that either get a bigger band saw a reciprocating saw or getting a chainsaw.

4) Q: Can the saw cut meat?
Ans: No, 3386 band saw is designed for wood and non-ferrous metals only.

5) Q: How good the rip fence is? Does it stay straight when moving and locking?
Ans: The rip fence is very good as well as worked fine. Yes, it stays straight when moving and locking.

6) Q: How safe is this saw?
Ans: Any tool is only as safe as the user.

7) Q: Does it have enough height for cutting 2- 2.5-inch diameter cardboard mailing label?
Ans: Yes, 3 ½ inch is the maximum.


Finally can say in the power tool company SKIL is the most recognized and powerful brand. It founded 1924. Skil has always been innovation going back to model E circular saw as it is the first portable circular saw. SKIL 3386-01 2.5 Amp 9 inch band saw is one of the best models of this power tool manufacturer. Though there are some cons of this band saw but it has the very easy solution. So don’t worry if you want to start any new project my recommendation is to select this model for your better support.

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