WEN 3975 5 inch Metal-Cutting Bench top Band saw

Remember WEN 3975 5 inch Metal-Cutting Bench top Band saw when you could cut pipes up to 5 inches in diameter or rectangular materials up to 5 X 4-7/8 inches in size. One can adjust the blade speed anywhere from 125-260 feet per minute. This band saw has the capacity of cutting a variety of metals as its blade help to create cut anywhere from 0-60 degree.

The WEN 3975 5 inch Metal-Cutting Bench top Band saw weight is 45 pounds and product dimension 27 X 14 X 15.5 inches. So its make easy work of steel, aluminum, copper brass and more. Both the job site and home this band saw is giving you access to the powerful and rugged machine also for its compact design you can easily storage and transport this model.

The WEN 5” metal cutting bench top band saw is 120 volt and 540 watts which are comparatively better than any other portable band saw like Greenlee, porter cable, Makita etc. It has the much greater control which can cut very smoothly and cleanly. The pre-installed 56 ½ inch X ½ inch blade and 4.5 amp motor have increased its necessity. Also, you will get two-year warranty nationwide network of skilled service technician as well as friendly customer helpline.

WEN 3975 5 inch Metal-Cutting Bench top Band saw

WEN 3975 5 inch Metal-Cutting Bench top Band saw

Always remember this model WEN 5” metal band saw before taking the decision to buy any bench top band saw.

Let see the details features of WEN 3975 5 inch Metal-Cutting Bench top Band saw:

Before discussing in details I want to give the short technical specifications---

Short Technical specifications

Model no:



120V, 60 Hz, 4.5A, 400w(S6 40%)

Saw blade:

56-1/2 X ½ inches

Cutting capacity for square Materials:

5 X 4-7/8 inch (90 degrees)

Cutting capacity for circular Materials:

5-inch diameter (90 degrees) 3 1/8 inch diameter (45 degrees)

Cutting angle adjustment:

0 to 60 degree.

Blade speed:

125 to 260 FPM


45 pound

Wen Metal band saw power

If you are looking for the perfect powerful metal band saw then you can think about WEN 3975 5 inch Metal-Cutting Bench top Band saw. It has the powerful motor which is 4.5 amp. This corded electric power source voltage is 120V. This is a wonderful performance of 540 watts. So, considering the powerful motor you can buy this band saw for your great success. By the help of Framing Nailer, you can make a combo tool easily.

WEN 3975 5" Band saw blade

Blade is the important parts of any band saw. May you are thinking about the good performance blade. No problem you can consider about WEN 3975 5 inch Metal-Cutting Bench top Band saw as it has 11 TPI/22 guage ( 56-1/2 X 12 inches) which has the excellent cutting capacity. So the user will get the best support for his new project. So, buy it now.

WEN 3975 5" Band saw blade speed

Speedy blade can give the better support for cutting wood, metal or plastic. So, cutting wood, metal or plastic may depend on the pleasant experience. So, how good as well as speedy blade power band saw use the project success depends on that. Considering that WEN 3975 5" Band saw has given the priority of blade speed. Here the user will get 125 to 260 FPM blade speed if they buy this band saw.

WEN 3975 5" Band saw cutting capacity

Is there any woodworker or any metal worker who don’t think about the cutting capacity of his band saw? Yes, I am telling about WEN 3975 5 inch Metal-Cutting Bench top Band saw cutting capacity: This band saw has the excellent cutting capacity can prove to cut the metal pipe with ease. This band saw makes easy work of brass, aluminum, copper, steel and more. It also can cut pipe up to 5 X 4-7/8 inches in size. In addition, this band saw has the beveling blade to create an angle cut anywhere from 0 to 60 degree. Make 45 degree cuts up to 3 1/8 inches in diameter for circular material and 3-1/8 X 3-15/16 inches for square materials. So, consider this my recommendation to buy this band saw as urgently.

WEN 3975 5" Band saw design

The most of the important fact of WEN 3975 5 inch Metal-Cutting Bench top Band saw is very compactness. For this, anyone can move this from one place to another without any hard labor. Maximum metal cutting unit tends to weight quite a lot and it struggles with portability. This particular model is far from like this situation.
The user can definitely count of this band saw as it is used for production like quiet and sturdy. So, if anybody even a contractor he can use this band saw for his easy working.

WEN 3975 5" Band saw usability

WEN 3975 5" Band saw can cutting pipe and various metals. This band saw is specially designed for cutting metal with multi-speed cutting. Here the user can fine-tune the speed control knob which can control the blade speed very conveniently for getting better performance.

WEN 3975 5" Band saw warranty

WEN power tools Manufacturer Company is committed for its end user a durable period of time that is dependable for years. WEN is giving two years limited warranty from the date of purchase only for its real customer.

For the defective materials, this company always repair or replace that parts without any charge. For additional, the user can contact techsupport@wenproducts.com or 1-800-232-1195 to make for the arrangement for transportation.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to set up
  • Excellent cutting capacity
  • Best band saw for cutting metal, plastic or wood.
  • Excellent saw for the price.
  • Amazing band saw for the money
  • Really a great tabletop metal band saw.
  • Very easier and less stressful than using a cut off wheel.
  • Perfect for the home shop with limited space.


Though WEN 3975 5" Bandsaw has the excellent features sometimes the user can see little bit problem. Anyway, it can be solved very easily.

For example: 

Blade guide- WEN 3975 5" Band saw blade guide only use two bearing in each. Every other band saw used three bearings per guide. The bank smooth side of the blade is not supported by a bearing so the presser of the saw blade is simply riding on hardened steel pallet.
On the other hand lack adjustment to tune the blade angle for the precise and square cut. The upper guide has the adjustment at all. The lower guide has very little and the user can’t get a good cut only on the side being the adjustment.


To solve the above problem the user needs to study the blade guide very carefully. Tuning blade is very important here. Before giving power the user can check properly also can check test cutting any parts then can finally starting the cutting. Also, the user can study the user manual, can contact the WEN customer care to solve immediately. So, my recommendation doesn’t waste the time on the chilly problem. Take the decision to buy this band saw very soon.


1) Q: Does WEN 3975 5” band saw comes with assembling?
Ans: Yes, this band saw comes with assembling.

2) Q: Is this blade hard to change?
Ans: No, it’s very easy to change and works great.

3) Q: Will the saw work is the vertical position?
Ans: Not quite. It’s open up to 80 degrees.

4) Q: What are the dimensions of the base?
Ans: The base dimension is 12 X 15 inches.

5) Q: Will it cut 45-degree angle?
Ans: Yes, it cut 45-degree angle.

6) Q: Is this band saw dry cutting?
Ans: Yes this is dry cutting.


Finally we can say from the above discussion WEN 3975 5 inch Metal-Cutting Bench top Band saw is one of the best seller band saw in today’s competitive market. Since 1951 WEN is giving better supply to its end user more satisfaction. So, every woodworker, metal worker even contractor thinks this the best band saw than others. So, my recommendation is to buy this band saw for best successful business now. 

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