Why You Really Need (A) RYOBI BAND SAW BS904

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Part Number:                                    BS904G
Item Weight:                                    42.8 pounds
Product Dimensions:                    31 x 18 x 11 inches
Item model number:                     BS904G
Material:                                          aluminum
Voltage:                                            120 volts
Item Package Quantity:               1
Batteries Included?                      No
Batteries Required?                      No

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4 Star out of 5

Hope you are thinking about new power tools for your new project!! Here I will discuss about band saw ryobi review that really needs for you either you are the woodworker, metal worker or the plumber or the general. In fact, if you want to get better performance from your project you must give the more time and the research on the power tool. According to your aim it will be totally depend on the band saw performance. So if you want to use ryobi band saw home depot or you want to know ryobi band saw bs904 review or have the question can ryobi band saw cut metal. I can say you here you will get ultimate info about this. From here you can know Why You Really Need (A) RYOBI BAND SAW BS904 . So, keep in touch.

It does a reasonably good job for something so inexpensive. If you want to cut wood, aluminum no problem will arise. Also brass seems like it is getting a bit too hard to cut. Here you can cut only cutting a 0.032" thick strip. With the online information you will see the brass is about 50% harder than aluminum, so you can think you can give it a shot.

It seems like it has a harder timing maintaining a straight line in the metal that was cutting. It seemed to often be angled a bit.

However, If you want you will get a really good price for it (~$90 with shipping on clearance) and you will got a lot of band saw for your buck compared to a "real" and this saw costing definitely several thousand dollars.

Details specifications

  • Model no : Ryobi BS904G
  • Power Source: 120V AC
  • Motor power : 2.5 amps
  • No Load Speed: 2,460 SFPM
  • Cutting Capacity: 3.625 inches
  • Throat Capacity: 9 inches
  • Blade Length: 62 inches
  • Blade Width: 0.025 inches
  • Table Dimensions (LW): 14.75 x 11.75
  • Total Dimensions (LWH): 31.3 x 17.4 x 12
  • Weight: 37.3 pounds
  • Warranty: 3 years from date of purchase.
  • Price: $159.85


1) Power

The best band saw performance is totally depending on the power source and the capacity. What type of material you will cut accordingly you need to buy the band saw. If you want to cut small wood, thin metal pipe or use for the small project then you need to buy lower power band saw one the other hand if you want to use large project or for cutting large log or heavy pipe then you must have to use heavy power band saw. ryobi band saw bs904 is 120V 60Hz, 2.5 Amps. So I think it very competitive for any new project. Those who are newbie they need this model undoubtedly.

2) Cutting capacity

Cutting capacity is another important feature for ryobi band saw bs904 . This band saw maximum cutting height is 3 5/8 inch at (90 degree), throat capacity 9 inch and its cutting speed is 2460 SFPM. So I think this one of the best cutting capacity for the any new project. My recommendation is to buy this band saw now considering the cutting capacity.

3) Blade tracking system

ryobi band saw bs904 has the excellent blade tracking system here need to adjust blade tension properly before making tracking adjustments. The user needs to check that blade guides do not interfere with the blade as well. Also the blade gullet (the deepest part of the blade tooth) should be in the center of the tire. 


To adjust blade properly need to follow the below procedure:

Open front covers by releasing the upper and lower latches. Watch the blade’s position on the upper tire as, by hand; you slowly turn the upper wheel clockwise. If the blade moves away from the center of the tire, the tracking must be adjusted.

If the blade position moved left or right of center:

Firstly, The user need to turn the blade tracking knob (clockwise if blade has moved left; counterclockwise if blade has moved right) while turning the wheel by hand until the blade moves back and rides in the center of the tire.

Secondly, every user should check the position of the blade on the lower tire. The blade should be completely on the tire (gullet of the blade teeth in the center). If not, adjust the tracking until the blade is on both tires.

Thirdly, Rotate the upper wheel by hand in a clockwise direction for a few more turns. Make sure the blade stays in the same location on the tires. Readjust, if necessary, until blade is tracking properly.

Fourthly, Close front covers and relatch.

Fifthly, turn on saw.

Sixth, verify saw blade is centered on the tire (through the tracking view window). If not centered, repeat above steps. From the above discussion we can understand this band saw has wonderful blade tracking system so you can consider this model as a first choice.

4) Table

Before buying any band saw the user must think for the table size for any bench top band saw. Different type of band saw has the different size of table. What is the best? I think 11 ¾ inch x 14 ¾ inch table dimension is the best so you can consider ryobi band saw bs904 now

5) What is included

Hope the user thinks what they will get if they buy this band saw. For your information, if the user buy this model he will get the below—
Key No.           Description      Qty.
A       Saw Table..........................1
B       Miter Gauge......................1
C       Hex key, 2 mm.................1
D       Hex key, 4 mm.................1
E       Washer...............................1
F       Table Lock Lever  ...........1
 Operator’s Manual (not shown) ......................1

6) Warranty

One World Technologies, Inc., warrants its RYOBI® power tools with the following conditions:
a) 90-DAY EXCHANGE POLICY: During the first 90 days after date of purchase, you may either request service under this warranty or you may exchange any RYOBI® power tool which does not work properly due to defective workmanship or materials by returning the power tool to the dealer from which it was purchased. To receive a replacement power tool or requested warranty service, you must present proof of purchase and return all original equipment packaged with the original product. The replacement power tool will be covered by the limited warranty for the balance of the three year period from the date of the original purchase. 

b) WHAT THIS WARRANTY COVERS: This warranty covers all defects in workmanship or materials in your RYOBI® power tool for a period of three years from the date of purchase. With the exception of batteries, power tool accessories are warranted for ninety (90) days. Batteries are warranted for three years.

c) HOW TO GET SERVICE: Just return the power tool, properly packaged and postage prepaid, to an Authorized Service Center. You can obtain the location of the Service Center nearest you by contacting a service representative at One World Technologies, Inc., P.O. Box 1207, Anderson, SC 29622-1207, by calling 1-800-525-2579 or by logging on to www.ryobitools.com. When you request warranty service, you must also present proof of purchase documentation, which includes the date of purchase (for example, a bill of sale). We will repair any faulty workmanship, and either repair or replace any defective part, at our option. We will do so without any charge to you. We will complete the work in a reasonable time, but, in any case, within ninety (90) days or less.

d) WHAT’S NOT COVERED: This warranty applies only to the original purchaser at retail and may not be transferred. This warranty only covers defects arising under normal usage and does not cover any malfunction, failure or defects resulting from misuse, abuse, neglect, alteration, modification or repairs by other than Authorized Service Centers. One World Technologies, Inc. makes no warranties, representations or promises as to the quality or performance of its power tools other than those specifically stated in this warranty.

e)ADDITIONAL LIMITATIONS: Any implied warranties granted under state law, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are limited to three years from the date of purchase. One World Technologies, Inc. is not responsible for direct, indirect, or incidental damages, so the above limitations and exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to assemble
  • Excellent cutting capacity
  • Works reasonable well
  • Good for the price


A lot of people automatically reject Ryobi as cheap, entry level junk. If you have several Ryobi tools that have served you well. But this is not one of them. You'll list some of the issues but you are sure you'll forget some.

Setup: the instructions are useless, as others have stated. Better know what you're doing or be good at figuring it out. The table does not sit square to the machine no matter what I do. Not that you could cut accurately anyway. The motor just does not have the power, nor will the blade hold straight, if you're cutting anything thicker than about 3/4 inch. It says it has 3 and a half inch capacity, and sure, a piece that thick will actually fit, but you're not cutting any curves or with any accuracy if you try it.

There is no fence, and the bottom of the table is not flat so good luck clamping a rudimentary fence in place.

You know how you start with each new power tool with scrap pieces, just to get to know the tool? With this "saw", it never went beyond that. Even the "test" cuts were horrible and inaccurate. Just because I guess I'm a masochist, I attempted a small bandsaw box in 2 and 3/4 inch thick wood, and there was just no way. No chance. The blade would bend at even the slightest attempt at cutting a curve, and the motor would shut down. No matter how gentle a curve, how tight the blade, or how slowly you can fed the piece through. Every single piece of wood you can put through this bandsaw has gone straight to the fire pile.


Is this saw variable speed?
No single speed but fun to use

Does it come with a blade?
Yes it comes with blade.

How much floor space does this take up? What is the footprint needed to operate for small shop?
This is a bench top saw, not a floor standing model.

Will this cut brass stock or 1/8" steel?
No, it cannot

Does this ryobi bs904g 9" bandsaw come with a fence?

What does it mean power source or hand powered?
It runs off of 110v like any other power tool.

Final talk

From the above discussion we can say ryobi band saw bs904 is one of the best band saw in the market. This band saw mostly made by high quality plastics and metal parts. The construction of this band saw is like solid only the table is slightly out flat near the edge. Considering all the positive aspects hope understand Why You Really Need (A) RYOBI BAND SAW BS904  really it’s very important for the new project undoubtedly.

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